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See it. Feel it. Displate Textra

A whole new touch for your walls.
Meet new textured metal posters!

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Introducing Textra, the newest upgrade

New Textra Features

New selective finish

See the gloss. Touch the matte. Watch the light play with the textured surface. How can this ever get boring?

3D-enhanced print

Pops in your eyes and under your fingers. Flat is out: feel the subtle embossing that makes all the difference!

Elevated details

Textra brings out more from every line and shape. A poster turns into a work of art, and you’ll want to see it up close.

Art comes alive

Textra makes each design more dynamic. With the new finish, artworks look like they pop out of your Displates!

At your fingertips
See the outlines, feel the textures, touch the nuance. Experience art on metal posters in a whole new, tactile way.
A dynamic feel
Fine-tuned print, just the way you like it. Play with light and mix things up to bring out more out of your arrangements.
Unique Textra catalog
Bestselling brands and emerging artists, officially licensed and refreshingly original. Explore the new Textra selection now!
A snap to mount
No tools, no holes, no trace. With our magnet-mounting kit included, Textra is as easy to hang as every Displate.

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Textra?
Textra is the new product line by Displate that uses 3D print to make your metal art pop! Posters with the Textra finish feature embossed details with tactile 3D-printed contours, paired with a selective gloss & matte finish. The result is a unique, textured effect as well as more vibrant and saturated colors than most regular Displates.
Can I order any Displate with the new Textra finish?
At launch, Textra will be available with a curated artwork selection only. It features hundreds of best-selling and most popular Displates, so you should have no problem finding your first textured metal poster! Go ahead and jumpstart your collection with a whole Textra set, such as Marvel Superheroes, Inspiring Quotes, or Cute Animals.
Will there be more Textra posters available?
Yes – we are just getting started! The Textra selection will be growing in the following months. While there is no set schedule for new Textra releases, we plan to add approximately 100 new artworks every two weeks.
How is Textra different from regular matte and gloss Displates?
Both matte (a smooth, standard Displate surface) and gloss (featuring a sleek, reflective finish) posters offer the standard, non-enhanced print on metal. Textra, on the other hand, features some extra enhancements: 3D-detailed contours, tactile textures, and a selective matte & gloss finish – all of which are customized by our Design Studio to match the artworks in the Textra lineup.
Is the Textra finish the same as the limited series Displates enhancements?
No. Posters in the limited Displate series (Limited Edition, Ultra Limited Edition, and Lumino) are designed from scratch to push the boundaries of metal art. They feature more pronounced 3D-detailed additions and a selection of our premium finishes and upgrades: screen printing, special inks and varnishes, gold or holographic foil, etc. In comparison, Textra offers a unified finish and a visibly flatter surface (with up to a few millimeters difference). And unlike the limited series, you can get Textra Displates any time you want – there are no limited print runs or timed availability.
What sizes are available for Textra?
Textra is currently available only in M-size Displates. Stay patient, we are working on making it feasible for L-size metal posters, too!
Can I add a frame or gloss to Textra?
No. Since Textra Displates already feature a selective gloss finish and 3D-printed embellishments, extra frames and gloss are not applicable with this finish.
Do Textra Displates come in a special packaging?
No. Just like any other regular Displate, Textra posters come in our standard cardboard packaging. However, they do have a special black holographic sticker on the back.
As a Displate Club member, can I apply the Textra finish to my custom Displate?
No. Textra is available only for selected artworks from the Displate catalog.
Do discount codes and special promos apply to Textra Displates, too?
No. All promos and discounts apply to regular Displates only.
What is the artist commission when selling a Textra artwork?
For each Textra poster sold, the artist commission is 4,50 USD minus taxes and fees. Please make sure that PayPal is available in your country, as all pay-outs can only be made via PayPal.