Earn up to 25% commission
by sharing the links to your favorite art

Collect arts you love, invite friends to fall in love with them and enjoy the extra paycheck!

Girl with laptop Laptop with share button

Whoever you are..

A gamer or a comic book fan


An influencer who shares
passion with your followers

Blogger or vlogger

Or maybe you are just
social media lover

Social Media Lover

You can create your Art Space now &
make money on it

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Here’s what we got for you!

30% commission

Up to 25 % commission Use the ‘Share and earn’ button, post your link regularly, and get up to 25% of all purchases made by visitors who came through your link.

Social Media promotion

Social Media Promotion #Express yourself, tag @Displate in your posts and get exposed to more than 1 million Displate followers.


Widget Create a ready-to-insert banner with designs you love and fit it perfectly to your website or blog.


Your own idea :)
Give it a shot and surprise us with your proposal for a creative collab!

Your own idea :)
Got your own ideas for collaboration? Drop us a line at 
[email protected]

3 minutes to start

It’s as simple as that.


Create a free account and
pick the page you want to promote.


Pick the page you want to promote

Promote pages

Share Click the ‘Share and earn’ button and post the link on your social media, website or blog.



Earn up to 25% commission on any purchase made through your ‘Share and earn’ link.

Earn commision

What's the trick?

There is none!

Not only do we have a passion for art, but we also love to share. Instead of spending money on paid ads with global players, we reward our friends and art enthusiasts with some extra cash!

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What's a Displate?


High quality metal prints

Each Displate is a thick metal plate with
gallery quality giclee print on it.

Each print is verified by the Production
Master. Signature and hologram are
added to the back of each print
for added authenticity and collectors value.

Easy magnet mounting system
provides the aesthetic alternative for
nails, tapes and power tools.

Woman holding displate Woman holding displate


An authentic collector's piece

Hand-made with utmost care

Produced in-house in EU

Approved by Production Master/ Hologram ensuring authenticity

Most talented Artists


Most talented Artists from
around the world

Displate is a place for more than 20 000 creators who live and breathe their art

Trees Trees


Tree-planting factory

We’re turning art into oxygen.
Every time someone buys 1 metal print we plant 10 trees in places they need them the most.

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Top FAQs

  • How do you know the commission is mine?

    We use special cookies for that. They help us determine the source of traffic and purchase on our site. Thanks to this trick we know who is responsible for the sales

  • Why is it "up to 25% commission earned on sharing links" and not 25% fixed?

    Our special offers and discount codes that you give to your fans boost your sales. You get a lower % commission on an individual order, but you sell more artworks.

    Your commission is up to 25% as it depends on the discount value. It works like this:

    Discount % value 0 - 20% >20%
    Participant of Share and Earn Program commission 25% 15%

    Please note that:
    - Share and Earn Program commission values are after taxes and fees (23%)
    - Share and Earn Program commission is calculated regardless of the Artist’s commission.

  • How and when can I withdraw my earnings?

    You will be able to withdraw money via PayPal once you earn at least $50. You will receive them within 45 days from the date of requesting

  • What happens if someone clicks on my link, does not purchase during the first session, but comes back later and makes a purchase?

    Cookies will help us with this. Once they are created, they are live for 30 days. Which means a user doesn’t have to make a purchase right away for you to earn your commission. The purchase can be made anytime during that 30 days period for us to assign the commission to your account.

  • How can I see my sales and earnings?

    Information related to sales and earnings is displayed in the section ‘My profile’ in the top right corner of the page and ‘Sales Statistics’ and ‘Earnings’ sections.

  • What if I am an artist on Displate.com

    Information related to sales and earnings is displayed in the section ‘My profile’ in the top right corner of the page and ‘Sales Statistics’ and ‘Earnings’ sections.

  • Do I have to pay to join the program?

    No, there is no additional fee to start working and earning with us.

  • Can anyone become a Participant of Share and Earn Program?

    This program is dedicated only to artists and influencers.

Earn up to 25% commission by sharing the links to your favorite art.