Your very own Displate shop will come true by the end of this post!

You’re a creative soul with a desire to sell your designs, but apparently, don’t know where to start? Good. We’re here to save you from the feeling of insecurity and disorientation. Learn from our tips and, before you know it, you’ll be the owner of a ready to promote Displate shop, tempting your clients to buy tons of your art prints on metal. 

1. Sign up on Displate

We welcome all kinds of artists! We’re an open platform and the registration is 100% free and easy as pie. If you want to start earning on your art, you’re in the right spot!

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2. Create your Artist profile

Fine feathers make fine birds, so make sure to show yourself in the best way possible. A good bio is a key to success. Let your potential customers get to know you by writing who you are, what you do and what excites you the most. 

3. Prepare your artwork for upload

We are crazy about the highest quality of the product and that’s why we need our artists to make sure they meet our file specifications. 

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4. Start uploading

Use our Multiuploader to immediately create collections of multiple artworks. After uploading the design, you will be 20% there! Just complete next steps and you’re ready to go!

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5. Create coherent collections of at least 8 artworks

Average customer purchases series of 3 works to ease the decor hassle. For you, it means higher chances of becoming a successful seller on Displate. Adding 5 vertical artworks to a collection displays an additional banner at the top of the page with dynamically changing designs. It improves a collection view, which translates into better sales results.

animals posters
Gal Design - Animals Colorful

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6. Choose the name and tags correctly

Remember to make this step right, as you won’t be able to edit the tags after completing the upload process. Adding the proper tags will help you boost your sales by becoming more visible on our website and search engine. What to choose? Read here

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7. Add a short description to every artwork

You worked hard on creating the artwork, so why not writing something about it? Share the short story with your customers, they will appreciate it.

rabbit poster
Gal Design - Rabbit Colorful

8. Set your commission

You can set your own commission for every uploaded artwork for M size Displate. It depends on your metal poster price. The commission for bigger sizes will be calculated automatically. 

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9. Wait while your artworks are being verified

We do everything we can to make our product look perfect after printing. That’s why we use a complicated algorithm, verifying each and every submitted artwork. After the verification best print-quality artworks are published. 

10. Add your PayPal account 

It’s the easiest and the fastest way to make your commission appear on your account and withdraw it right away! 

11. Visit your admin panel to check your sales

12. Pro tip: share and earn up to 30% extra on your art 

Put unique ‘Share and earn’ links to your blog, www, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you see fit. You will earn an additional commission for each sale made through this link!

alpaca poster
Gal Design - Alpaca Colorful

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13. Visit our blog for more tips

To support and develop your artistic actions we run the Art Tips section on our blog. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional designer, explore our articles and boost your creativity and sales skills.

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14. Take part in our Art Challenges

We know that your creative juices need to flow, so we run monthly Art Challenges to discover the most interesting creators in the industry. There are a bunch of great prizes to get, so visit our Challenges page and stay updated!

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15. Subscribe to our newsletter

We will be sending you a bunch of useful stuff, so don’t hesitate to provide us with your e-mail address!

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16. Ask us anything! 

We're here for you, whatever you need. Just drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram or at [email protected].

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