Become your own Art Agent and earn up to 4 times more for each sale

We know how much talent, time and energy it takes to create an ARTWORK. We believe that dreams shouldn’t stay dreams. That’s why we created a path, which will easily guide you to up to 4 times more by sharing the links to your Displate gallery on your blog, www and social media channels. It will level up your selling game.


How to start making many as an Art Agent on Displate?

1. Upload your artworks HERE and set your commission

An average commission of our best selling artworks is 10%. We’ve noticed that artists sell more designs when the overall price is set around $44. 

2. Create your unique 'Share and earn' link and copy it 

You can easily share your profile, collection or a single artwork, just find the button and click it! 

Share your profile
... collection
... or a single artwork

3. Put unique ‘Share and earn’ links to your blog, www, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you see fit. You will earn up to 4 times more for each sale made through this link! 

4. Share and earn!


Share the 'Share and earn' link on your blog and social media and give your audience the chance to discover your art on Displates. In this way you’ll give yourself additional 30% and increase your earnings DRASTICALLY.

1.    Put the clickable 'Share and earn' link to your social media bio

Make it visible for your audience and maximize your chances to get up to 4 times more for EVERY purchase made through your link.

2. Put the link on your www and blog

Make use of every clickable link you can possibly create and give your audience the chance to smoothly go from your digital gallery to your e-shop.

3. Use Instastories 

It’s a magical and powerful tool, where you can add a link to every photo and video and move your followers straight to your Displate shop. So don’t miss the chance! Put the AA links to every Instastory and earn up to 40%

4. Put the links to the posts on Instagram and Facebook 

5. Show the designs that you love and earn!

Create a ready-to-insert banner, that will perfectly fit your website or blog with designs you love from your Art Space.
Set up your unique widget HERE


Artists who regularly share the AA links on their SM profiles are more likely to appear in the TRENDING section on Displate main page. It highly boosts their discoverability on the main page and increase their sales.

And well, you’ll earn 40% while sharing the AA links anywhere and anytime. Always.

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