Uploading your artworks is just the first step in your journey from a register to sell. We prepared a few practical tips how to use its potential that will help you boost your sales by becoming more visible on our website and search engine.

1. Art of tagging

First of all, let's dig into some important numbers. 

*based on 2018 data

For 5m phrases our customers searched for in 2017, only 3m were successful. It means that for 2m searches there were no artworks found and there's still a niche you can find and fill with your unique tags.

*based on 2018 data

Only 50% of tags assigned by Artists to their artworks were used by our Customers in our search engine. In the same time, when we look at the top 500 best-selling designs, this number goes up to 95% - almost all of them were successfully found by tags. It shows how important tagging is for artwork discoverability and purchase.

2. Do's and don'ts of tagging your artwork

Want your images to pop-up on top positions in search results on Displate and other search engines? Here are some ideas of what you should definitely DO, when uploading your artworks and some DON'TS that will not help their discoverability.

✅Do's of tagging

1. 💚Add relevant tags

Think what keywords you would type to find Art. Describe what you see and what tags truthfully represent your design and the style of work. 

2. 💚Add a mix of popular and unique tags

Think of any words that may be unique for your audience and include a range of tags describing the work, e.g. steampunk, landscape, batman.

3. 💚Add the name of character, movie or a book 

You should mention names of characters, movies, books, etc. that your artwork presents.

4. 💚Use tags for location, time of a day, season or event

Add a location, place or point the photo was taken. You can include time that is presented on your artwork or when you took this photo. 

5. 💚Include techniques you have used

Buyers look for coherent collections and often buy more than one Displate. Add generic style keywords like: painting, typography, poster or photo. 

6. 💚Double check on typos

There is a significant number of tags used with typos - remember to double check them as you cannot edit tags after the upload.

⛔Don'ts of tagging

1. ❌ DO NOT Use adjectives, conjunctions or prepositions

- adjectives (eg. pretty, awesome, small, thin, happy, cloudy, etc.),
- conjunctions (and, but, either, neither, or, so, there, therefore)
- prepositions (in, on, with, under, for, etc.)
They will not improve a position of your artworks in search results. 

2. ❌ DO NOT add your name or nick

The nick you provided on your account will be included in search results, so there is no need to add it again as a tag.

3. ❌ DO NOT enter specific time your photo was taken

Keywords like days of the week or months are not popular among our shoppers.

4. ❌ DO NOT mention equipment and tools used 

Buyers do not search by camera type, aperture used or a tool and software you use at work. However this may be an interesting info to be added to a description ;)  

5. ❌ DO NOT use emojis or special characters as tags

Although emojis are broadly used nowadays they do not improve positioning in search results, while taking space, that could be use for other tags. Please do not add hashtag (#) in a tag as well any other special characters like #, *, $ or !. 

6. ❌ DO NOT merge several words into one tag 

3. Examples of how to properly tag your artwork

4. Tips to finding correct tags

👍try different searches on Displate – look how many artworks show up and what's their style

👍research on social media:

    🔸Instagram – try different hashtags and see in popular posts what other hashtags are used in description, e.g. animalillustration
Source: https://www.instagram.com/belliesartboutique/
    🔸Pinterest - repeat the same – search for tags from your niche and check:

🔹Autosuggested phrases

🔹Phrases suggested in a top bar

5. How to name your artwork

Try to stand on the other side of the rainbow and imagine that you’re about to find and buy your dream artwork. What do you do?  

- What would you search for to find your artwork or collection?

- What words and phrases would you choose? 

Relevant phrases will increase the chances for your works to pop-up in the search, however try to avoid:

Duplicating names within one collection

❌Adding emojis

❌Using long titles - search engines are not big fans of them

❌Mentioning your name or nick - you have already provided them in your account and they will be searchable and visible next to your artwork, so there is no need to mention them again

6. Collections sell best

When you upload artworks you may create a collection or add them to an existing one. In order to make it right and increase discoverability of your artworks on Displate.

Next to tagging it is the most important factor of artworks discoverability. In fact an average total sales for artists with 15 displates is 14,5x times higher vs those who uploaded only 1 art.

Wanna know how to boost your sales creating coherent collections? Read here! 

7. Remember!

Before submitting your artwork always double check if all provided information is correct and there are no mistakes and typos. We see it happens for some artworks and in most cases any typo exclude that word from search results.

You’re done!
We know, it looks like a lot of work, but believe us, it's fundamental to our mutual success!

All of the aforementioned activities will allow you to increase the discoverability of your works and will bring you bags of money! There are people waiting for you, searching for an awesome art everywhere! Let’s help them find what they wish for!