On the spot: Rupert Höller

Living his life in beautiful Vienna, Rupert Höller takes the minimalism to the next level, making his work a real feast for the eyes.

Fill The Niche: Sports

A sound mind in a sound body is a piece of art in itself. This month we want you to get inspired by everything sports-related and create art!

On the spot: Daisy Ingrosso

Being a true Japan lover, Daisy Ingrosso turns geishas, samurais, wild cranes, and cherry blossoms into designs that make us wanna go far away.

Displate Featured Artists

We're lucky to host many great and successful artists whose talent led them to create numerous original designs.

2021 Displate Trends Projected

If you suffer from a total lack of inspiration, we gladly come to the rescue.

On the spot: Jason Ratliff

Calling himself just a humble artist, Jason Ratliff is definitely way more.

New Year's Resolutions for Artists

Not really a fan of New Year’s resolutions? Tell us about it. However, setting even the smallest goal may actually help you slip through the year.

Keep up with the Pantone Colors of 2021

For the second time in history, Pantone chose two colors to rule the world of art, design and fashion in the upcoming year.

2020 Wrap-up

Time to wrap 2020 up!

On The Spot: Inward

Annibale Siconolfi aka Inward turns the problems of current society into futuristic, dystopian scenes.

A Word From Displate Artist Ambassador

News for Displate community of artists.

Say Hi To Our Displate Artist Ambassador

Some big news on setting new standards in collaboration with artists and the steps we plan to take in the near future.

How To Get Your Artworks Approved

Check what you need to do to prevent your uploads from getting rejected.

On The Spot: Naolito

Because there is no such amount of cuteness that we can't handle.

How To Make Your Artist's Profile Stand Out

In this quick guide, we want to give you a few tips on how to make your profile pop, and stand out from other art shops on Displate.

12 Gifts for Board Game Lovers (That Aren't Board Games!)

Find amazing gift ideas for board game lovers (that aren't board games!)

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Gifts for Gamers: 10 Unusual Ideas for Gaming Gifts

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How to Arrange Wall Art Beautifully - A Complete Guide

In this guide we will show you how to arrange wall art and posters on your walls. We will show you tips on how to arrange them for max effect!

How To Tag, Name And Describe Your Art To Increase Sales

We prepared a few practical tips on how to use the potential of tags, names, and descriptions.