A sound mind in a sound body is a piece of art in itself. This month we want you to get inspired by everything sports-related and create art!

How to create a sports-related artwork

There are plenty of disciplines that can be turned into cool artworks. Each of them could become a large collection appealing to athletes, sports fans, or fitness freaks. 

By creating a wide range of illustrations, you are letting people express their passions for different sports and physical activity in general. 

Think of it this way: there are over 800 sports disciplines to pursue around the world. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Most of these are not covered on Displate. For example cricket, fishing, or snooker – those are just a few of the topics waiting to be filled. Now imagine how many people are following or participating in them. Yup, it’s waaaay more! And they are all your potential customers.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Make a list of (at least) 20 sports disciplines. Feel free to use this list from Wikipedia if you're having troubles with coming up with them.

2. Write down any non-copyrighted stuff connected to them: from equipment and moves to motivational quotes

3. Plan your collections - choose whether you want to create one big collection devoted to sports in general or split them into specific ones

4. Create original and unique artworks only

5. Now that you know that you should create your own, original artworks, let’s get to work! Remember to prepare your designs properly for upload on Displate - read more.

6. Once you have your designs ready for submission, use these tricks to boost your collections:

    - Add at least 8 artworks into each collection
    - Name, tag, and describe all your artworks properly. Read more

Pro tip: add the hashtag: sport2021 to your sports-related designs to help us find your art and get a chance for a feature. No fan arts - just sports stuff.

Remember! You have to come up with your own art style without violating any third party rights. Make your collections funny, inspirational, or serious, as long as they fully showcase your original idea.

Our favorite Displate collections in the Sports category:

Get inspired by the artists who found their own way of expressing people’s passion for sports. 

Balls by Daniel Coulmann

Basketball Indoor
Tennis Clay Court
Voleyball 2

Yoga by Sunday is Monday

Down dog on a slope
What a nice plank needs
Practice makes perfect

Olympic Lifting by Huebucket

Olympic Lifting Sloth
Olympic Lifting Avocado
Olympic Lifting Frenchie

Life Cycles by Nin Hol

Fixed Love

Billiards by Daniel Coulmann

13 ball
8 ball
15 ball

Run Collection Sport by Psycho Typo

Complaining won't burn kcal
Just Run
Running Shoes

Other artworks showing sports in really creative ways: 

Boxing Sloth by Adam Lawless
Alpaca Gold Club y Mike Koubou
Wimbledon Woman by Ashvin Harrison
Karate by Mariusz Szmerdt
Tiger Tennis Club by Mike Koubou
Alpaca Yoga by Huebucket
Swimming Girl by Daria Solak
Fitness by Igor Aqualoopa