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Founded in 2013, is a unique platform that connects artists, graphic designers and photographers from around the world with customers interested in buying artworks. is also a manufacture specializing in handcrafted metal posters called Displates. By buying them, customers support artists and prod them into broad portfolios of uploaded graphics. is addressed not only to experienced artists, but also novices. Since 2013 has collected 10.100 graphics and grouped more than 1000 artists worldwide. implements complex system of quality control which enables to check and estimate uploaded projects reliably. Each project is graded by the community of artists. This control system guarantees that only the best quality projects, representing the highest artistic and design values, are approved for sale.

unique loft interior with metal posters

Steel used to manufacture Displates is thick and resistant to atmospheric conditions what guarantees durability and gives certainty that Displates will serve for a very long time. The unique mounting system with a magnet is easy to use and permits any arrangement or rearrangement of the artworks in the interior. Every Displate has its individual manufacture number, a signature of the Master of Production and a hologram. belongs to GWD CONCEPT Sp. z o.o., which is active online and offline. Beyond selling artworks, company organises gallery shows and exhibitions, where people have the opportunity to see and encounter Displates.

Founders was created by three friends and businessmen: Charles Banaszkiewicz, Edward Ruszczyc and Jack Świgost.

Charles Banaszkiewicz


Businessman with extensive experience in launching and marketing start-ups. As CEO he manages and develops


Edward Ruszczyc


An artist and contractor who is passionate about graphics, design, illustration and photography. Edward was the first who saw the potential in the metal plate. Prior to joining, he run his own manufacture and offered graphics on metal plates, which received great reviews from the market.


Jack Swigost


Jack is responsible for defining strategic development goals for He contacts with market and business partners.