World Greatest Detective

Product size:

54.33" / 38.98"


Delivery to United States

Estimated 3-4 days

Large-scale format of 9 prints suited best for decorating large surfaces from entry ways to spacious living rooms. Each plate is a gallery quality giclée print on thick metal, verified and signed by the Production Master for added authenticity and collectors value. Magnetic mounting system included.

Product Information:

  • Material: metal
  • Finish: matte
  • Printing process: giclée
  • Thickness: 157 thou
  • Mounting: magnetic system included
  • Hanging: aligning template included

Delivery to United States:

  • Estimated delivery 3-4 days
  • Ships by courier
  • Free returns within 100 days
  • Free gift packaging

We love trees:

1 multiplate = 10 trees!

Each minute, the equivalent of 48 football fields of forest are cut down around the world. We want to change that by planting 10 trees for every product we sell.

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Top FAQs

  • How to mount a Displate? FAQ Icon

    Simple! Just use the magnet included and follow the clear instructions in the package. It takes 20 seconds, no power tools needed.

  • Is the mounting system included? FAQ Icon

    Yes. Every Displate comes with a magnet. And it's free!

  • Do any customs fees apply? FAQ Icon

    No, what you pay on our website is the final price to enjoy our products.