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Seduced by Night City

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Cyberpunk 2077

Discover our next-gen poster illuminated with OLED! Flashing neons, holographic signs, and a city that promises everything. Thing is, you’ll need to take it off someone else, choom.

17.7'' / 12.6'' (M-Sized Displate)

What's cool about it?
  • It glows with magic OLED light
  • Selective varnish on motorbike
  • Holographic effect on neons
  • Glossy finish

25 days leftto buy this design

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Lumino Technology

Infused with selective OLED lights and our top-class engraving. The wireless design just tops it all off.

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Layered Design

All artworks come with at least 3 print enhancements, plus custom-made Lumino effects.

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Limited run

Blink and you'll miss it! Each design stays on sale for three months. No re-runs, this is your only chance.

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Curated Designs

From beloved brands to individual artists, we shine a light on cherry-picked designs with a unique flair.


The epic highlight

Start your adventure with standard Displates! Durable, stylish, and designed to tell your story, one poster at a time. Then go ahead and add some light with Lumino, the centerpiece of your collection.

Metal poster
Metal poster

    Printed with light

    We're changing the way you experience art. Picking kickass designs and infusing them with selective lighting to bring out the best in them. It's showtime!

  1. 01

    Touch the difference

    Special engravings, slick finishes, lots of printing sorcery. The acrylic front panel seals in all the flavor.

  2. 02

    Secret lighting layer

    The OLED panels illuminate key parts of the artwork, giving it that special glow.

  3. 03

    The binder

    The layer tasked with the most important job of all: tying everything together.

  4. 04

    Putting on the shine

    Carries the metallic, holo, and glitter effects, even when the viewing angle changes.

  5. 05

    The star of the show

    The design we chose to take on this luminous journey and shine some light on.

  6. 06

    Sturdy metal backplate

    That's where you stick that extra strong 3D Magnet that specializes in wall-hugging.

lightningYou've got the power!

Use the cable or powerbank included in the package.

USB cable
2 USB-C cables

A long one to reach wall charger and a short one use with power bank.

USB cable
Power bank

To keep wires hidden. Approx. 20 hours without recharge.

Your very own Lumino

Each Lumino has a serial number and comes signed by our master craftsman – that' s how you know you've got unique collectible in your hands. New designs pop up every two weeks and will be live only for 3 months!

Displate Club members get 24h early access and the chance to grab the new Lumino designs sporting low serial numbers.
back of the lumino

Frequently asked questions

What is it? Is it a Displate?
Displates are high-quality metal posters printed in different sizes. Lumino is a premium variant with ultra-thin, animated OLED lights built in between its layers. It has a front acrylic panel on a metal backplate, and only comes in size M. You could say it is similar to a regular Displate but evolved for future generations of collectors!
Is it limited?
Yes. Every Lumino artwork is available for 12 weeks from the launch date. So after it's gone from the website, we'll never re-rerelease it. Every Lumino is numbered, with a certificate and a hologram.
Is it matte or gloss?
That depends on the artwork. Every Lumino artwork is handcrafted similarly to Limited and Ultra Limited Edition Displates. Our designers choose the best finishes to complement the artwork. For example, Lumino OLED lights are hidden beneath a thin acrylic panel; sometimes, we let it shine or cover it with matte paint.
Is it exclusive?
Lumino technology has a patent pending. Moreover, we design non-licensed artworks from scratch to work best with the Lumino OLED lights. The officially licensed art is also modified to work with our technology, so yeah, it's quite an exclusive product.
How is it powered?
You can power Lumino with the following:
  1. Power bank included in the package. A fully charged 10.000 mAh power bank should fuel the Lumino for over 20 hours. You can recharge the power bank through the second USB port in Lumino, so you don't have to take it off the wall
  2. A phone charger or any electronic device with a USB port
  3. (*spoiler alert*) Displate Ambient Light, our upcoming mounting system with smart LED lights and built-in battery cells
How much power does Lumino use?
If you want to turn on your Lumino, a 1 Amper power source is enough. However, if you want to charge the connected power bank or energize another device while admiring your Lumino, you must use a 3 Ampers power source. Remember to use only 5 Volts power source in such cases.
For how long will the Lumino OLED lights last?
10.000 hours before they might start to dim a little. Please note that Lumino is designed for home use only and will not work properly when used commercially, for example, as a store or club display.
How bright are the lights? Can I turn off the animations?
It's bright like an average smartphone screen with brightness set to 80%. You definitely cannot use Lumino as a lamp. And yes, you can turn off the animations and use constant light mode.
How do I mount Lumino on the wall?
Please use the new 3D Magnet included in the package. Lumino electronic components can break, so we invented a heavy-duty mounting system that works on every surface and holds up to 7 kilograms (15 pounds). You will need to drill three holes, but we designed the mounting process as simple as possible. Download the manual here. In the future, you will also be able to mount Lumino on (*spoiler alert*) Displate Ambient Light.
What's the distance from the wall in millimeters and inches?
The distance between the wall and the back of Lumino is 36 mm (1,4’’).
Does Lumino have a warranty?
Yes, we provide 2 year of transferable warranty for the electronic components of the Lumino, so even if you buy an older Lumino from somebody other than us, we got you covered within two years from the date of purchase at Displate.com. Additionally, we offer our traditional 100 days full satisfaction warranty.

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