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by Jay Salton


45th Day

45th Day by Michael Vincent Manalo

Forest Spirit

Forest Spirit by Ruby Art


Sky by Ruby Art

Koi Fish Yin Yang - RubyArt

Koi Fish Yin Yang - RubyAr... by Ruby Art

Sushi Cat - Ruby Art

Sushi Cat - Ruby Art by Ruby Art

Geisha - RubyArt

Geisha - RubyArt by Ruby Art

Samurai - RubyArt

Samurai - RubyArt by Ruby Art

I created these sculptural partners for the Antidote minimal seascape paintings on maps so I've been picking up these beautiful rocks on the beaches and making them into little spacecraft sanctuaries for my mind to slip into the infinite on.

I created these sculptural... by Rich McCoy

LaSalle Canyon, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

LaSalle Canyon, Starved Ro... by Ryan O'Connor

Landscape - Temple Japonais

Landscape - Temple Japonai... by M.M. Prod

Infiltration: Ninja Design - The Shogun's daughter has been taken. She must be retrieved swiftly and unharmed. Only the emperor’s ninjas are up the task.

Infiltration: Ninja Design... by Cyncor_ Artworks

Kinkaku-ji Temple Japan

Kinkaku-ji Temple Japan by Stevyn Llewellyn

Ginkaku-Ji Temple Japan

Ginkaku-Ji Temple Japan by Stevyn Llewellyn

Red Orange Japanese Maple Tree in Autumn with Sunrise and Mist

Red Orange Japanese Maple ... by Brooke T Ryan