Displate Artworks on Metal are created by an amazing group of more than 1000 artists from around the world. Owners of Displates support the author and get a unique piece for their place. Artists are the lifeblood of Displate and have spent countless hours and talent to create these artworks.


Metal posters are perfect for creating collections that can make all kind of interiors come alive. Our artworks emphasize the individuality and character of your interior and create a welcoming atmosphere that is made unforgettable. A quick and easy way to create a feature wall - just place art on the wall to draw others’ attention.


Our collection of varied artworks gives many interior decorating options for both the traditional style of the residence and the minimalistic urban chic.


Metal artworks fit perfectly both quiet cafes and exclusive restaurants.


Give the formal interior a unique character.


Colourful artworks will make a kid’s room even more sweet, magical and snug.


- Dimensions: 17.7” (45 cm) / 12.6” (32 cm).
- Made of thick high-quality steel.
- Each canvas weights: 2 pounds (1 kg).
- Eco-friendly materials used.
- Hand-crafting techniques used.
- No frame required.
- Won’t get old, won’t get torn, won’t get wet


* there is an option of ordering a special kind of screw mounted displates


Prices starting from £29.00 with possible discounts on larger orders. With the possibility of long-term cooperation attractive discounts.