You don't have to be old to be vintage. Forget granny style and create a modern classic. Feel yourself a little retro and show us the best home decor design that will turn every space into a holy land of coziness. Let it be a wild animal, travel spot or cool collage. 

Just make people want your posters so bad they will get lost in time. 

1. If you’re not already an artist on Displate – sign up on your desktop here.

2. Upload at least one new design.. Remember that our uploading tool works only on desktop. You can submit as many pictures you want. It will increase your chances of winning.

3. Choose a perfect name for your work, include the additional contest tag: DEC18, so we will be able to easily find it and qualify it for the contest

4. Be patient - your artwork will be verified – it may take up to 24 hours for your artwork to show up on the site. Read more about preparing artworks for upload here

5. All uploaded artworks will become available for purchase on - you will retain all copyrights and earn commission of each of your design sold. Read more about selling and earning on Displate here.

6. The contest starts on December 6th and ends on January 6th.

- 1st & 2nd place - $500

- 3rd & 4th place - $300

- 5th & 6th place - $200

- 7th to 10th places - L size Displates

After January 6th all submitted works will be reviewed by Displate curatorial team and announced above (Winners section). Winners will be also notified by email.

vintage poster
Terry Fan - Whale
flamingo poster
Eva Nev - Tropical Collage
newspaper art
Print Maker - Jay Bird Newspaper
lego poster
Nerdiful Art - Lego
vintage flowers poster
Fine Art - Vintage Flowers
vintage yoga poster
SundayisMonday - Off The Beaten Track
japan vintage poster
Henry Rivers - Japan
vntage flower poster
dada 22 - Bloom 3
vintage car poster
Richard Barnes - Porsche 550 Spider Retro

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