Welcome back to The Fresh Eight, the choice of 8 new artists on Displate that have recently drawn... our attention. 

Today let's see who made our hearts beat faster in October. 

1. Bo Lundberg 

Tokyo 62
Stockholm 67
New York 82

Bo's Instagram

2. Lentini

Stay With Me
Who framed Johnny Five
First Contact

Lentini's Instagram

3. Honey Ghost

4. Inward

Server Master
The Rise

Inward's Instagram

5. Elad Shagrir

Balling Einstein
Balling Elvis
Balling Bruce

Elad's Instagram

6. Kaloolajay Studio

Palm Springs Yellow Door
Palm Springs Blue Door
Venice Beach Lifeguard Hut

Kaloolajay's Instagram

7. Vanja Paunovic

Tropical paradise

Vanja's Instagram

8. patrykand


patrykand's Instagram

Nice, right? See you in November!

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