Welcome back to The Fresh Eight, a monthly choice of 8 new artists on Displate, who have recently drew... our attention. 

Today let's see who's made our hearts beat faster in June.

1. Andreea Eremia

Snake and flowers
World in your hands
Magic peacock

Andreea's Instagram 

2. Bryn Jones

Ocean Mech
Across The Water
Tokyo Ring

Bryn's Instagram

3. Frank Moth

You Came From The Clouds
Light Explosions
You Loved Me

Frank's Instagram

4. Julien Risso

Edge of the Universe
Over the rainbow

Julien's Instagram

5. Bruno Kerling

Mother Nature
The boy with the red scarf
Black and gold

Bruno's Instagram

6. N Kayurova

Caliph Stork

N Kayurova's Instagram

7. lenaillust


Lena's Instagram

8. Maarten Léon

Aim for the moon
Colorful Dreamer
Morning Rituals

Maarten's Instagram

Nice, right? See you in July!

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