Anytime you browse the internet, play video games, or watch movies…
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Do you know what your eyeballs are actually viewing?

At the most basic level, you’re staring at a bunch of pixels on a digital screen.

In other words, you’re looking at millions of tiny dots that combine together to form a complete picture or full illustration.

Starting in 1978, this simple concept enabled the world’s first digital artists to create some of the most fun, fascinating, and detailed artworks you’ll ever see — pixel art.

louis ros - dog video game controls


By the early 1990’s, this exciting new form of artwork largely faded away.

The reason?

The rise of 3D computer graphics software.

Thomas Pradeilles - Pixel Landscape

This technology allowed artists to design things on their computers in a virtual 3D environment that simulated real life.

This was an important moment in history for artists because they suddenly had the power to:

    - Create digital artworks that appear more lifelike
  • - Easily control and edit all aesthetics
    - Speed up the design process
louis ros - final boss

Essentially, designing something on your computer pixel by pixel was no longer the best practice.

The future of design was here.

In the blink of an eye…

Pixel artwork became underappreciated, overshadowed, and outdated, too.

A lost form of digital artwork that was left stranded somewhere in a moment of time.

Brandon Wilhelm - King of the Monsters

However, the good news is…

Things from a previous timeline often find a way to become cool again decades later.

In fact, if you pay attention to current pop culture…

Whatever once was old is now often considered new and trendy.

Thankfully, pixel art is currently making a big comeback, too!

Sophia Lamasan - Night Pixel

In this post, we celebrate the rising popularity of pixel art because this style of artwork is:

    - Retro
  • - Nostalgic
    - Incredibly detailed
    - Always fun to look at

And it’s back in style!

To join in on the excitement…

Check out the original pixel art below created by the talented Displate artist community. 

These pixel artworks are something you must see to believe!

louis ros - cat controls
Giovanni Poccatutte - Pixel Hot Dog
Dandu - Gboy 1989
Brandon Wilhelm - Game Over
Sophia Lamasan - Sunrise
Magdalena Świderska - Pixel Art Cats
louis ros - digital nomad
Sophia Lamasan - Rocket Ship Pixel
Michał Kalinowski - ORZMUZD ARYMAN
Kostas Sintakis - 8bit Summer 02
Davide Contaldo - Synthwave Pixel Text
Dan Fajardo - Pixel Sunset
Dan Fajardo - Starry Pixel Night

Continue The Conversation!

We hope you enjoyed the contemporary pixel art we shared with you.

If it inspires you to create your own pixel artwork — the Displate team and our growing artist community would love to see your original designs!

What type of pixel art would you like to create?

Discuss your art ideas in the comments section below!