Digital trends are suggestions for artists who look for inspiration, and ideas for those clients who hunt for what’s currently on the spot. Displate community team watches and observes, analyzes and evaluates, to finally choose and pick the best representatives of the hottest style. 

Today’s hot trend on Displate is taking a lot of space in our minds and our clients’ hearts. Distant galaxies, surreal compositions, and manipulated worlds make everyone crazy about them enough to call them the biggest trends on Displate.

Scroll down, relax, and enjoy our selection of best artworks created in the hot trend right now: surreal. 

Teleportation service by Inward
One way by Marco Zagara
Cabin with a view by Marco Zagara
Magical Night by Marco Zagara
The Guardian I by Marco Zagara
Colors in the sky by Benny Productions
Neon City by Benny Productions
Oblivion by Benny Productions
Cup of coffee by Benny Productions
Ghost in the wind by Sina Bozorgvar
The beginning of an end by Michael Vincent Manalo
Lost in your memories by Frank Moth
Hanging on a dream by Frank Moth
Dreamer by Eric Fan
Relaxin Isolation by Seam Less
Eagle by Mirekis
Burning Bright by SUBLIMENATION

They are all breathtaking, don't they? Got your own selection? Show us in the comments below!

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