Once a week there's this special day worth every celebration. Friday deserves to be a holiday, but since we don't really see it coming and still have to work till 5, we've decided to honor it with something the most beloved to us - the art. 

From now on, just before the weekend (having some ants in our pants), we will give you our Friday Five - the sweetest artists of our choice, matched to the topic we'll spontaneously come up with. 

So today, just because we're in the Friday-Funday goofy mood, take a look at works of 5 hilarious artists, who will make you die laughing...


Adam Lawless

Panda Swords
sloth vader
Darth Sloth
cat with bottles of milk
Greedy Cat
lawless cat with ice cream
Saber Ice Cream
mona lisa cat
parachute dog
Parachute Dog

Louis Ros

doctor dog illustration
trump illustration
we shall overcomb!
lettuce with wine illustration
lettuce party
man illustration
man cave
fishing illustration
fishing for compliments
yolo illustration

vp trinidad

blade illu
Blade Running
jake adventure time hot dog
Hotdog Adventure
bacon with guns
The Baconator
poke ball illu
Poke Ball Go!
No Face's eat all you can buffet

Rafael Jurado Castillo

pulp fiction parody
Punch Fiction
it with e.t.
The Extra-Terrifying
pumkin shaving
Pumpkin Shave!
in your face
In Your Face!
shining parody
Here's Pineapple!
pug in a box
Happiness 2.0!

Anna-Maria Jung

We are the knights who sayyy...
big meowski
The Big Meowski
funny chemistry
Know Your Chemistry
easter egg hunt
A Xenomorph Easter
Some People Shouldn't High5
cats with laser
One laserpointer to rule

Struggle is real, we know. But if you're somehow more FUN than this, just go THERE.