Once a week there's this special day worth every celebration. Friday deserves to be a holiday, but since we don't really see it coming and still have to work till 5, we've decided to honor it with something the most beloved to us - the art.

Week by week, just before the weekend (having some ants in our pants), we give you our Friday Five - the sweetest topic of our choice we spontaneously come up with. 

Hungry? Like eating like a horse? Good. Today we give you five artists who'll make you go bananas, drop everything you're doing, because these 5 artists will stop your stomach rumble at once. Whether you always have a sweet tooth or pizza is your life, these food posters will whet your apetite. 

Louis Ros - Stuff

pizza corn
have a rice day
ill be back
my hobby is eating
veg out!
beautiful on the inside

Lotta Hakola - Kitchen Stories

Leafy Greens
Wine and Food
Drinking glass types
Pasta Shapes
Bread Types

Design Turnpike - Minimalist Fruit Posters 


Vp Trinidad - Japanese Low Bro Art

Neko Sushi Bar
Octo Sushi Bar
Zen Ramen
Daruma Zen Doll
Dark Ramen
Great Ramen Wave

Susanne Flo - Kitchen

Fun facts about fruits: Mangos are related to cashews
A fun kitchen poster about avocado's original name in Aztec
Fun facts about fruits: Figs are the sweetest of all
Fun facts about fruits: Lemons can be used as a battery

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