Once a week there's this special day worth every celebration. Friday deserves to be a holiday, but since we don't really see it coming and still have to work till 5, we've decided to honor it with something the most beloved to us - the art.

Week by week, just before the weekend (having some ants in our pants), we give you our Friday Five - the sweetest artists of our choice, matched to the topic we spontaneously come up with. 

Our Friday Five is like pedal to the metal! For those who live and breathe gasoline and "Top Gear" we have a special selection of 5 car posters collections - perfect even for Wheeler Dealers.

Richard Barnes

Freelance graphic designer, Illustrator, sci-fi fan and total Porsche nut. His car posters give you the vibe of vintage. And urge to get behind the wheel and drive faster than the wind. 

car poster porsche
Porsche 911 Retro Printmaking
car poster porsche
Porsche Carrera RSR Retro Printmaking
car poster porsche turbo
Porsche 935 Turbo Retro Printmaking
car poster retro porsche
Porsche 917 Retro Printmaking
car poster retro kremer porsche
Kremer Porsche 935 Retro Printmaking
car poster retro porsche
Porsche 550 Spider Retro Printmaking

Eden Design

This car posters collection is like the cars it depicts - legendary. Eden probably spent great amount of time to watch all of those movies he's referencing, but the result is totally worth it. Plus your garage will look plainly badass.

car poster car legends
car poster car legends
Thelma & Louise
car poster john wick
John Wick
car poster car legends magnum
car poster car legends lucifer
car legends car poster tony

Chungkong Art 

There's a saying: have you ever seen a stickered up Porsche? Maybe you did, but the minimal aesthetic of the car's body speaks volumes. When it comes to the car posters Chungkong Art is also... minimal. And stylish. This man knows his cars all to well. 

car poster lincoln
No006 My Batmobile minimal movie car poster
car poster jaguar e-type
No007 My AUSTIN POWERS movie car poster
car poster movie volkswagen
No009 My LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE car poster
car poster porsche
No016 My LE MANS minimal movie car poster
minimal car poster pontiac firebird
No019 My Knight Rider minimal movie car poster
monimal movie car poster ford de luxe
No022 My GREASE minimal movie car poster

Mr. Jackpots

If you can't wait for the Formula 1 to arrive you must check out the F1 Legends illustrated by Mr. Jackpots. He depicted the greatest drivers known to man and their will to stay on top. 

car poster formule 1
car poster prost formule 1
car poster formule 1 lauda
car poster formule 1 ickx
car poster formule 1 fangio
car poster formule 1 stewart

Eden Design - Racing Cars

Fast and furious is yesterday news. Eden Design takes us back to the times when racing cars had a true, wild soul. And were hardcore. Oldschool Racing Cars will pump you lots of adrenaline. 

car poster racing
Ford Escort
car poster racing
Mitsubishi Lancer
car poster racing mini
car poster racing citroen
Citroen BX
car poster racing integrale
car poster racing bmw

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