Dear Artist,

Thank you for being with us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

We want you to feel important to us and become even more special than you are right now. We want to be your only choice. Your destination. Your home. 

Let us invite you to


a project for the most cherished artists on Displate.

By becoming exclusive on Displate you will get a unique, shiny badge that will boost your visibility on the platform. Your gallery will gain attractiveness and prestige. It will result in a bigger interest in your designs, which basically means higher sales.

It will give you a bigger focus on your art and provide you with a feeling of priority.

How does it work? 

As much as we cherish you for becoming exclusive with us, every relationship needs a commitment. Unfortunately, like with every engagement - some particular actions may result in a break-up.

Displate Exclusive Terms

1. Displate Exclusive is a program devoted to every creator who wants to sell designs with Displate.

2. Becoming Exclusive with Displate is optional and 100% free. 

3. In order to join the program, the artist must upload at least one collection of minimum 8 designs. 

4. By entering the Displate Exclusive program, the artist understands and accepts these terms. 

5. The artist must officially confirm by email that the designs submitted to the program are not put up for sale on any other platforms. 

6. Designs submitted to the program will be accepted individually and verified randomly. 

7. After approving designs for the program, every product will be provided with a special Displate Exclusive Badge, which boosts the visibility on the platform and increases the attractiveness of the gallery. 

8. Participating in the program means not selling particular (submitted) designs anywhere else except at

9. Finding specific designs (tagged with a unique Displate Exclusive badge) on other marketplace platforms may lead to permanent banning a Displate account without a possibility to set it up again. 

Think it through. Becoming exclusive with Displate will bring you much satisfaction and boost your sales, but once you go for it, you need to remember the consequences of unfair behavior. 

Interested? Join Displate Exclusive now!

Contact us at [email protected]