Board games are a source of many hours of entertainment. For those who are familiar with board games, it is no longer surprising how fast five hours can fly by as you ponder the nuances of which resource to invest in, which item to pick, or which piece to move. And most of us wouldn’t even have dared to engage in the sometimes demanding, often fulfilling endeavor of playing board games if it weren’t for the board game lovers amongst us.

Board game lovers are all around us, among our friends and family. They’re the ones who show their circle of friends how to have fun without leaving the house, the ones who are capable of spending hours thinking, strategizing, scheming, all so they can put the pieces back in their starting positions and start over again. If you know a board game lover, you probably owe them at least one nice experience around a game board. So why not reward them with one of these essential board game-related gifts? (P.S. Don’t worry about getting them a board game - they probably already have it, right?)

12 Ideas for Board Game Gifts

Here's our list of 12 items that will do great as unusual gifts for board game lovers:

    Dice Bags
  • Dice Trays
    Card Protector Sleeves
    Card Holders
    Board Game Organizer
    Custom Playmats
    Board Game Coasters
    Boardgaming Mugs
    Magazine Subscription
    Novelty Dice Sets
    Board Game Themed Posters and Prints

Let's take a closer look at each of the board game gift ideas individually.

Dice Bags

Any board gamer worth their salt will need a bag to carry their many, many dice. Turns out there’s a lot of dice bags out there, and a lot of interesting stylizations to choose from. If not dice, they can also be used to carry various other odds and ends.

Dice Trays

While more dice means more randomness, there is always the problem of stray dice on your floor and underneath your table. Apparently, this problem was pressing enough that someone thought of a solution - the dice tray. No more awkward silences as everyone stares at your builder’s cleavage while you scramble around to pick up fallen dice.

Dice Tray Board Game Gift

Card Protector Sleeves

This gift idea is probably the most practical for board game lovers. Nobody likes to see the cards to their favorite board game get worn down. Especially if the game is played frequently. Card protectors solve that problem nicely, so that you can enjoy your cards and their beautiful artwork for many years.

Card Sleeves BoardGame Gifts

Card Trays and Holders

Ever spill a deck of cards by accident while playing a board game? It’s not pretty. The game gets completely derailed whoever’s turn it is, and frustration abounds. Luckily, board game engineers have come up with a great answer to this: the card holder. 
Find it on Amazon.

Card Holder Tray Board Game Gift

Board Game Organizer

Board games often have many small tokens, pieces, chips, cards, etc. Setting them up for every game may require some fishing around the box. And if one goes missing, well… it can be replaced with a random, small item, but that kind of ruins the board game experience.

Introducing the board game organizer, a nifty solution that makes it faster and easier to set games up and put them back in the box, ready for the next game. Note that every board game needs a different organizer, preferably custom-made for the given game. Here’s one for the Arkham Horror role-playing board game, and below it one for Gloomhaven.

Arkham Horror Organizer GiftGloomhaven Organizer Board Game Gift

Custom Playmats

Playmats add a bit of flair to a board game. In addition, it is much easier to pick up cards (without revealing them!), and they don’t wear as quickly. Smooth tabletops just don’t work as well in that regard. Here’s a space cats playmat from, where you can find all sorts of fun designs to choose from.

Playmat Board Game Gift

Or this one, a custom neoprene gaming mat from a polish company

Custom Neoprene Gaming Mat Gift


The tabletop game lover you gift this to will remember it forever. Painting figurines, models and miniatures is a huge part of certain tabletop games (like Warhammer 40K or the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game). The paint jobs that some players achieve are quite literally small works of art. Superbly painted models are not just eye-pleasing, they can also intimidate a less artistically endowed opponent.

The limitations of a standard brush are eliminated with an airbrush. It offers perfect control and precision when painting even the most minute details, as small as 0.2 mm. An airbrush also makes it possible to achieve color gradients that would otherwise stay confined in your imagination.

Airbrush Board Gaming Gift

Board Game Coasters

Everybody likes a couple of drinks when they play board games, alcoholic or otherwise. But tables and playmats not so much. Never fear! You can use these D20 themed coasters to show your geekiness while enjoying a cold (or hot) one. Here's an amazing set found on Amazon.

Board Game Costers Set Gift

Boardgaming Mugs

If you are feeling super lazy, but still want to acknowledge that special someone’s love for board games, here’s a wholly unoriginal gift idea: a mug. But hear me out! Some of them have some really funny stuff written on them. Here's an amazing set we found on Etsy.

Board Game Mugs Gift Idea

Magazine Subscription

There’s no better way to learn more about tabletop games and get to know about new ones than by reading magazines dedicated to tabletop games. Many games are incredibly complex, and many a paragraph has been written on optimal strategies, theorycrafting and, essentially, how to play the game (whatever it is).

There are several famous magazines devoted to tabletop gaming. Big names include Tabletop Gaming, Spielbox, White Dwarf, and Wargames Illustrated.
Just to illustrate, here's a photo of a C3i Magazine.

Magazine Subscription Board Game Gift

Novelty Dice

If you want to feel a bit more weight or heft in your dice, you might want to consider getting some nice dice (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Novelty dice range from the lewd (think - bachelorette party), through the barely functional, to the exquisitely crafted. The latter are highly recommended, the two former options - not so much.
You can find the below set on Amazon.

Novety Dice Board Game Gift

Board Game Themed Posters and Prints

A truly universal gift idea for board game lovers. Surely, any board gamer would love to hang up some posters to add a bit of pizzaz to their game room. And to be completely honest, the artwork on some posters or prints is downright captivating. Even if someone isn’t exactly thrilled by the board game on the table, they will definitely have something to look at.

The Rise of Tiamat by Dungeons and Dragons
Players Handbook by Dungeons and Dragons
Black N White Dragon by Dungeons and Dragons

You can find some great board game posters here - on Displate! Board Gamers will also love our officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons Posters, and if you want to choose something that is more related to boardgaming - check out this Dungeons and Dragons Dice Art set!

Are you planning a gift for a MtG fan? We got you covered with amazing Magic The Gathering Posters

MtG Poster - Gift Idea 1
Heroic Expression MtG Poster
MtG Poster - Gift Idea 2
Teferi MtG Poster
MtG Poster - Gift Idea 3
"Symbolism" Red MtG Metal Poster

We hope you got some amazing and unusual gift ideas for board game lovers! Let us know in the comments what you think!

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